The Adventurer's Diary
An advanced Role-Playing Game (RPG) Database

I started the "Adventurer's Diary" while playing Morrowind - an excellent RPG, by the way.
Unfortunately, after having finished Gothic and Gothic II before, I had to find out that the internal diary can't compete at all and misses to store a lot of required (or, at least, detailed!) information about NPC's, locations and other stuff. If you played the game you know that "Vivec" is not very helpful to find a person you once met again!
I've been told that the "Tribunal" extension features some improvements, but most of you (like I did) will start writing down their own "sticky" notes.
In case of Gothic this was seldom needed, and the information you had to remember was much less complex. Morrowind, however, will quickly make your desk look like a recycle bin!
So I stopped playing and started to care about this problem first, thinking Morrowind would not be the only roleplaying game in need of a gamer's personal diary.

The result is a small database application that does not only search for simple keywords. It's biggest advantage is that you can combine keywords into relations and search full ranges of topics to find the one that fits best - and even see the relations between topics!

This is hard to understand, so I will give you an example:
You enter the city X. You are severely injured and in urgent need of a healer. As if that's not enough you don't have enough money to pay the next doc' in reach, so it would be great if there's a healer around that belongs to the same guild as your character (=bargain prices!)

Well, try that with any of the game internal diaries you've seen until now, I bet you fail! (OK, except BladeRunner - but that's not an RPG ;-)
With "TAD", you will need exactly 3 (three!) mouse clicks to find that guy. Otherwise, this would be a good moment to reload your last savegame ...

The Adventurer's Diary has been created with computer-based RPG's in mind, but it might be useful for "live" roleplaying, too - just give it a try.

Caution: This is "Beta"-software!
"TAD" is still under heavy development, so don't expect it to work 100% perfect. Also, I'm very interested to hear your opinions and suggestions, so feel free to contact me.

Happy clicking!
Dieter "Belushi" Rausch

The root of all knowledge is structure:
Characters form words.
Words form sentences.
Sentences form meaning!
Bel Ushi, Dunmer pilgrim

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26.11.2003: Update
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25.11.2003: Bug:
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